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Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, Grade 4

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Big Idea 1: The Practice of Science.

  • SC.4.N.1.1 Raise questions about the natural world, use appropriate reference materials that support understanding to obtain information (identifying the source), conduct both individual and team investigations through free exploration and systematic investigations, and generate appropriate explanations based on those explorations.
    What is Science? video, ClosedCaptions

  • SC.4.N.1.2 Compare the observations made by different groups using multiple tools and seek reasons to explain the differences across groups.
    Mobius Strip video

  • SC.4.N.1.3 Explain that science does not always follow a rigidly defined method ("the scientific method") but that science does involve the use of observations and empirical evidence.

  • SC.4.N.1.4 Attempt reasonable answers to scientific questions and cite evidence in support.

  • SC.4.N.1.5 Compare the methods and results of investigations done by other classmates.

  • SC.4.N.1.6 Keep records that describe observations made, carefully distinguishing actual observations from ideas and inferences about the observations.
    The Importance of Observation video
    Waterfall Effect video, ClosedCaptions, checked

  • SC.4.N.1.7 Recognize and explain that scientists base their explanations on evidence.

Big Idea 2: The Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge

Big Idea 3: The Role of Theories, Laws, Hypotheses, and Models

Big Idea 5: Earth in Space and Time

Big Idea 6: Earth Structures

Big Idea 8: Properties of Matter

Big Idea 9: Changes in Matter

Big Idea 10: Forms of Energy

Big Idea 12: Motion of Objects

  • SC.4.P.12.1 Recognize that an object in motion always changes its position and may change its direction.

  • SC.4.P.12.2 Investigate and describe that the speed of an object is determined by the distance it travels in a unit of time and that objects can move at different speeds.

Big Idea 16: Heredity and Reproduction

Big Idea 17: Interdependence

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