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Basic Concepts in Science

This is the first Learnalong course, and the format, order, and content will be changing, mostly based on your feedback. We will be exploring the Basic Concepts in Science, the skills that all scientists use as they work to learn about the natural world.

As you go through this course, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of the course, and to help me shape this into a more useful format.

  1. Do the activities, even if they seem too simple.

    (I am talking to you, parents and teachers!) Even someone who has been studying and teaching science for many years can still learn new things from simple exercises. In fact, trying to explain some of the "simple" things in science is a very good way to discover gaps in your understanding. I experience that quite often in developing these lessons.

  2. Keep a journal.

    Make detailed notes as you go through the course. This will serve as documentation of your efforts, and will reinforce the things you learn. (I am still talking to you, parents and teachers!)

  3. Work at your own level.

    If an activity seems too advanced or complicated, feel free to either skip it, or ask me for a simplified version.

  4. Provide feedback.

    Use the comment section at the bottom of each page to ask questions, suggest changes, etc. Be as specific as you can.

  5. State or local requirements.

    If you have specific requirements from your state, please let me know. I will try to devise ways to provide the documentation you need.

About This Course

We will be exploring some of the basic skills used in science, such as observation, information research, experiments, and reaching scientific conclusions. The path will probably wander a bit, often looping back to take a closer look at the concepts we have already explored.