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Minerals Around You

A few common minerals.

Some mineral specimens can be quite beautiful, and finding minerals can be lots of fun, but are minerals really good for anything? Lets find out by taking a quick look at some common minerals, and some of the things that are made from them. Then we will see how many of the objects in the room around you are made from minerals. You will probably be surprised at how many of the things you use every day are made from minerals.

To get an idea of how important minerals are in our lives, you will need:

  • colored tape or colored dot labels
  • the room around you

Pick a color of tape or dot for each of the following minerals. Then look at that mineral's page, and tag every item in your room that is made from that mineral. For example, quartz is used to make glass. If you choose yellow dots for quartz, then you would put a yellow dot on everything in the room that is made of glass. Be prepared! You will probably need a LOT of dots!

Send me a photo of your classroom with tags on objects made from minerals!

Ms. Lang's class, Ocean Breeze Elementary