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As we were cleaning up the frost-killed plants in the yard, I was delighted to find this. What is it?

How Does a Butterfly Fly?

swallowtail butterfly

In a recent video, we dissected a roast chicken, seeing how the muscles connected to bones to power its wings. This time, we are going to explore a very different arrangement for flight by examining the flight of insects. Since insects have their skeletons on the outside of their bodies, the way their muscles move their bodies is very different from the muscle arrangement for those of us who have out bones on the inside.

To try this, you will need:


Another garden find. What should you do if you see this beautiful creature in your garden?


Matilda, my pet Brazilian Salmon Pink Bird Eating Spider has stopped eating, and her abdomen has turned black. Why am I not worried?


Molting tarantula
When my pet tarantula molts, she spins a web to lie on. How does she keep from getting stuck in her own web?


I took this photo through the microscope today. This is an important part of an animal's defense. What is it?