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3D Chalk

On my recent trip to Memphis, my Mom, my sister, my nieces, and I played with some of the new 3D Sidewalk Chalk from Crayola. Now, I usually don't promote products, but this one is fun, and has lots of science in it. If you don't want to buy the product, some of the options have the glasses packaged so you can look through them in the store, but I warn you, if you play with them you will wind up buying them.

3D Photos

stereo image of flower

stereo pair of red flower

This time we will explore a fun way to explore how your brain and your eyes work together to let you see in 3D. We tent to think of 3D as something that you have to wear special glassed for (which make me dizzy), but actually, if your vision is normal, you see the objects around you in 3D all the time. With this activity, we will combine two dimensional photographs to make them appear three dimensional.

Acid Hunt

This time we will go on a hunt. No, we are not hunting for birds or insects. Instead, we are hunting for acid. The word "acid" usually makes people think of dangerous chemicals, burning and corroding, but it describes an entire range of chemicals.

OK, so where are we going to look for acids? Not in your car, although there is acid in the car battery. Instead, we will look for acids in your refrigerator. The refrigerator! What would acid be doing in there? As we shall see, it is sitting there waiting for you to consume it.

Why Fry?

This experiment is once again food related. I was preparing our evening meal as I was thinking about possibilities for experiments. As I cooked the turnips, turnip greens, yellow squash, and steamed potatoes, I considered several ideas. Then as I began to cook the hoe cakes, I knew what we would do. Hoe cakes are similar to cornbread. You add hot water to self-rising cornmeal to make a thick batter, which is spooned into a skillet of hot oil and cooked to a golden brown. Topped with some butter, they are delicious. This started me thinking about why we fry food in oil.