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In many parts of the world, pigs are used to locate truffles. Dogs can be trained to find truffles, but pigs find them with no training at all. Why are pigs so good at finding them?


We have discussed in the past that butterflies taste with their feet, and hear sounds with their wings. How do they smell?


Here's a llama. There's a llama. If you have ever heard the , Llama Song , you are probably familiar with having a song stuck in your head that just won't go away. What is the scientific name for this?

Curves Illusion

This is an optical illusion that I first saw as part of a kit of magic tricks that I received as a present when I was young. The kit was designed for children, so most of the "tricks" were things that did not take a lot of skill. Like many other magic tricks, this one relies on science instead of sleight of hand.


Nancy found this injured bat on the road to our house. We rescued it, and took it to the wildlife rehab center at Best Friends. You have probably heard the old saying that someone is "blind as a bat." How well do bats actually see?


Praying Mantis
This Praying Mantis has taken up residence on my lamp, coming out every night to catch some of the insects the light attracts. Why are insects attracted to lights?


upside down photo
For the past two days, I have been suffering from vertigo, trying to get my body to remember which way is up. What causes vertigo?


Goats have unusual eyes with a wide, rectangular pupil. What other animals have that kind of pupil?