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Nancy found this injured bat on the road to our house. We rescued it, and took it to the wildlife rehab center at Best Friends. You have probably heard the old saying that someone is "blind as a bat." How well do bats actually see?


Bats are truly amazing creatures. They can "see" with sound, using echo location, but they also have excellent eyesight. In addition, they can also see part of the ultraviolet spectrum, allowing them to see colors that we cannot. Considering all of that, being called "blind as a bat" is quite a compliment.

By the way, if you do happen to find an injured bat, do not touch it with your hands. As with many other mammals, there is a slight chance that a sick bat is suffering from rabies. Still, you are MUCH more likely to get rabies from a dog, cat, rabbit, or squirrel. If you find an injured bat, contact your local wildlife agency. They will tell you what to do to help rescue the delicate, incredible creature.