thermal energy

Cool Spray Cans

The idea for this experiment came from my wife’s camera. She loves taking photos at the beach, but sand keeps finding its way into the camera. I got a can of compressed air to blow the grit away. As I used it, I knew that it would make a great science activity.

Why Wet Things Don't Burn

Sometimes things are so common that we never stop to really think about them. We all know from experience that a piece of paper that is soaked in water does not burn easily. Wet wood does not work well in a campfire. What is it about water that keeps things from burning? Think about it first, and then watch the video.

Making a Solar Still

Imagine for a moment that you are stranded in the desert, and running short on water. Or imagine that you are in a boat far out at sea, surrounded by salt water, but no fresh water to drink. Is there any way you could use some science to get something to drink? Of course there is!