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Definition of Science

Now that you have written your own definition of "science", let's take a closer look. I searched for a single, broadly useful definition. After looking through many definitions from a variety of sources, I did not find one that really covered everything, so I have tried to combine and distill them into a workable definition that we can use in our study of science. I will cover that in this video.

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Science is an objective, self correcting method for gathering and organizing information about the natural world through repeated observation and experimentation.

Now, compare that with the definition you wrote for the previous page. You are not looking for what is right or wrong. Instead, just compare them. Did you include things that I left out? Did you leave out things that I included?

As we will see, many things in science have very precise definitions. If you look up the definition of energy in several different physics books, they will all give basically the same definition. The words may vary slightly, but they will all mean the same thing. The same applies to many other scientific terms, such as mineral, force, vertebrate, or acid.

We will also find other terms that have definitions that vary from one source to another, as with the definition of science itself. As we go along, hopefully we will find out why some scientific words are more specific than others.

Now get out your journal again. Write down your thoughts on the comparison of my definition and yours. Were there parts of my definition that surprised you?