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When we first came to Johnson Canyon, we did not have any cell phone service or internet. I could still check email by climbing to the top of the bluff. Why does being higher let me get a signal for the internet?

A Hot Change

We have taken a brief look at an endothermic process, seeing that dissolving epsom salts in water lowered the temperature of the water. This week, we will examine a process that is exothermic, which means that it gives off heat. To try this, you will need:

How Heat Moves

This experiment comes from sitting in front of a wonderful fireplace. As someone that has never been a big fan of winter, it is great to have a toasty fire to keep warm at night. Watching the fireplace lead to thinking about heat and how it moves.

Newton's Laws

This time we will investigate Newton's laws of motion. While Galileo laid the foundations for them, Newton was the one that put them into the form that we know them today.