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food web


Bird feeder and grass-like plants
We use a wide variety of food sources to attract wildlife to our yard. These goldfinches are enjoying thistle seeds. The oranges and watermelon are treats for the orioles and grosbeaks. The plants under the feeder are another food source. What kind of plants are they?


I took this photo through the microscope today. This is an important part of an animal's defense. What is it?


Rufous Hummingbird
I took this photo of a female Rufous Hummingbird at our bird feeder today. Why are hummingbird feeders red?


We have been finding these clusters of sprouts all around the yard. They are always the same kind of plant. What are they, and why do they grow this way?


The Western Tanagers have discovered the oranges on our feeders. While many Tanagers have red colors, the red of the Western Tanager is different. Why?


Hummingbirds at feeder
Every evening, just before sunset, the hummingbirds swarm around our feeders. Why do they suddenly get hungry at sunset?


Black widow spider and baby spiders
My Black Widow Spider's egg case hatched, releasing hundreds of tiny babies. While prey animals tend to have lots of offspring, most predators tend to have relatively few offspring. Why do spiders have so many babies?


Pinyon Jays at feeder
Huge flocks of Pinyon Jays are visiting our feeders this week to get ready for winter. They are picking out the sunflower seeds and swallowing them whole. Why?