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Share Your Questions

Hopefully you have a list of questions about the things you observed. You have have wondered why the skin on the palm of your hand is different in so many ways (texture, hair, pattern, thickness, sensitivity, etc.) from the skin on the back of your hand. Or you may have wondered why the muscles that move your thumb are right at the base of the thumb, but the muscles that move your fingers are located near your elbow. You may have wondered about the different kinds of joints that connect the bones in your hand, and why they move differently. With practice at observation, you could probably find enough questions about your hand to keep you busy for a lifetime.

Now that you have some questions, share them with the rest of us. Post some of your questions in the comments below. If someone else has already listed your question, congratulations. Great minds often think alike.

At this point, you have the option of different paths to follow.

1. You can continue to explore the different types of investigations by going to Experiments.

2. You can learn ways to find the answers to your questions by going to Finding Answers.