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The World in a Drop of Water

Put a drop of water from a pond, puddle, or hay infusion under your microscope, and you have a new world to explore, filled with a variety of strange and amazing lifeforms. Identifying them can be a huge challenge, so I am setting up this gallery as a starting place, to point you in the right direction for recognizing some of the more common organisms.

Why Would I Want a Microscope?

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a scientific explorer? Imagine what it was like for Lewis and Clark, as they encountered plants, animals, and geology that they had never heard of before. Imagine discovering the first dinosaur eggs with Roy Chapman Andrews in the Gobi Desert, or taking a scientific expedition around the world with Charles Darwin. We tend to think that everything has been explored, and that the only places for new discoveries are on distant planets, but with a microscope, you can explore a world that still has many undiscovered secrets.