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Mojave rattlesnake
Another photo of yesterday's rattlesnake. A rattlesnake's venom is primarily used as a safe way to kill rodents and other prey. The snake bites its prey, and then waits for it to die before eating it. How can the rattlesnake eat the prey without being poisoned?

Minerals: Color

It may be surprising that the first thing that most people notice about a mineral, its color, is usually not very reliable for identifying it. That is because many minerals occur in a wide range of colors, colored by slight impurities. We can explore that by using a few things from your kitchen.

You will need:

Bird Bones

One of the important ways that we learn about anatomy is by dissection. The word "dissection: may make you think of dead frogs in bottles of preservative, but you probably dissect things frequently. You just don't think of it as dissection. Instead, you think of it as dinner.


This large bird hopped over the fence into our garden this weekend. Why would this bird make me think of clocks?


Tiny, scale-like objects
Another microscopic photo. These tiny structures define an entire group of organisms, even giving them their name. What are they from?


Small, yellow bird
This beautiful little bird stopped off in our garden today, on his way to Mexico. What does he have in common with a Storm-Petrel, a Plover, a Phalarope, and a Snipe?