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Fingerprints are an important part of forensic science, allowing investigators to identify people who have been at a crime scene, or have touched objects. This is a simple way that you can try collecting fingerprints yourself.


This photo is from one of our trips to Yellowstone, a marvelous place with incredible wildlife. What is the difference between antlers and horns?


Genetic research suggests that this insect is neither a butterfly or a moth. What is it?


I photographed this snake at Ginny Springs. I was using the Micro lens on my Nikon D90 at the time, so I was only about 4 inches from the snake when I took this shot. How much danger was I in?


We found this on the beach in St. Augustine. It is used to make one of my favorite foods. What food is that?


The light was dim, so I did not get a very good shot, but its enough to identify him. What is he?


We spotted this beautiful spider crossing the road. Why are tarantulas called tarantulas?