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I took this photo at the beach. Looking at the tire tracks made me think about why car tires have treads, instead of being smooth, like racing tires. Why?

Fireworks Colors

Fireworks play a role in many holidays and celebrations. Have you ever wondered how they get the different colors into the fireworks? If you want yellow fire, do you add yellow paint to the mixture? No, that would not work. Instead, you need something that will burn with a yellow flame. Yellow flames are fairly common, but what about green flames or purple flames?

Acid Hunt

This time we will go on a hunt. No, we are not hunting for birds or insects. Instead, we are hunting for acid. The word "acid" usually makes people think of dangerous chemicals, burning and corroding, but it describes an entire range of chemicals.

OK, so where are we going to look for acids? Not in your car, although there is acid in the car battery. Instead, we will look for acids in your refrigerator. The refrigerator! What would acid be doing in there? As we shall see, it is sitting there waiting for you to consume it.