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digestive system


Mojave rattlesnake
Another photo of yesterday's rattlesnake. A rattlesnake's venom is primarily used as a safe way to kill rodents and other prey. The snake bites its prey, and then waits for it to die before eating it. How can the rattlesnake eat the prey without being poisoned?

The Science of Spit

This experiment comes from our cat, Mawra. She is a delightful cat, but when she is very happy, she drools. She was happily sitting in my lap while I was thinking of topics for this week's experiment. That's when it hit me. (Literally) Saliva! To learn more about spit, you will need:


Hummingbirds at feeder
Every evening, just before sunset, the hummingbirds swarm around our feeders. Why do they suddenly get hungry at sunset?


Pinyon Jays at feeder
Huge flocks of Pinyon Jays are visiting our feeders this week to get ready for winter. They are picking out the sunflower seeds and swallowing them whole. Why?


hawk droppings
The hawk who roosts on our cliff has left plenty of evidence. Why are bird droppings usually white?


Viceroy butterflies mimic Monarch butterflies. Monarchs are mimics too. What do they mimic?