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My photography has always tended towards patterns, so it should be no surprise that a lot of my beach photos lean that way. These are a few of the photos that I have taken on our recent beach walks.

It has been pretty windy lately, which always sculpts the dunes into marvelous shapes.

The waves make very similar patterns in the hard packed sand.

The sand here is very fine, which leaves beautiful footprints.

Sometimes the trails are unfamiliar....

But if you follow them, you can usually find out who made the trail. In this case, it was a water beetle, who mistook the ocean for fresh water, and did not like the taste.

Of course, people have to get into the act as well.

This is where the wind had cut a slope too steep, resulting in a small, sand-slide.

The pattern left when the sand slipped was wonderful. No matter how many times we walk the same stretch of beach, we always seem to see different things.