Bubble Colors

I came across the idea for this while searching for the website of Tom Noddy. Tom is the original bubble man (and in my opinion, still the best.) He planted the seed for my decision to go into business for myself. I met him while I was working at the Memphis Pink Palace Museum. He was doing a weekend of shows at the museum and got to see me doing an electricity show. He told me that I should take the show on the road. That was back in 1987. It has been a long and wonderful road so far, and hopefully it is far from over.

While looking over Tom's website (http://www.tomnoddy.com/index.html), I thought another bubble experiment would be fun. This one is very simple, but if you start to dig into it, it can become as complex as you want. You might be surprised to hear how much time mathematics professors spend talking about bubbles. For today, we will keep it simple.