Subscription levels

  • Basic subscription: $29.95/year

    Usually $29.95/year

    This subscription is for individuals, families, and teachers. It allows one user to be logged in at a time.

  • School Subscription: $250/year

    This subscription is for schools that have a physical address where students meet.

    A school subscription gives you a general username and password, that is used by all of your students, both at school and at home. It also includes individual accounts for any of your teachers that would like to take advantage of using bookmarks and teacher resources.

  • District Subscription: $100/school.

    This provides a school subscription for every school in your district.

  • Homeschool groups, online schools, and other organizations:

    If you have an online school, homeschool group, or other organization, I can work out a subscription package to fit your needs.