Tuesday July 22 2014
Scavengers and Decomposers
This video is part of the new Food Web Curriculum Unit. While there is still a LOT of content to be added, you can look around the unit on the Food Web page.

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Thanks for the video

We also enjoyed the video and nearly jumped off the couch. Wow!!!


That was so cool! Thanks for making this video, I loved it!

As for the animals falling, it scared me a lot!!!!! At first I thought a monkey fell out of the tree, but when I saw that you weren't startled I figured it out. It helped a little when the other animals fell!

Thanks again!


Scavengers and Decomposers



Deer with ribs showing ....ew.......!

that video was very

that video was very disturbing i hope i dont have to see that again but is was really cool


i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was grossome!!!!

I seriously jumped a foot

I seriously jumped a foot when those animals started falling! UNEXPECTED :D! Really good video but a bit sickening with those dead animals (especially the deer and the thing the vulture was eating). I'm glad I ate my breakfast before I watched.......but now my appetite is completely depleted...

me here!

i was so freaked out when that hapened!

Me too!!! just minding my own

Me too!!! just minding my own stuff and i jump like a foot!!! :p


Dead deer with ribs showing......ewww......


I think that mushrooms are really cool. Can you make a video all about mushrooms? I would like to learn more about them.




hecks yea

mega awesome son


this is the best video evr!!

Great video

I love this video, but wish you had mentioned vermicomposting here or in the renewable/nonrenewable video.

Continue the series!!!!!!!

Continue the series about the food web please:)

Thanks! I intend to continue

Thanks! I intend to continue the series. Watch for the next video in the next three weeks.



you should have warned me!

I was watching with the volume up high, and just as I looked away, animals started crashing into the frame around you. I nearly fell out of my chair! LOL


same thing happened to my sister & I !!!! We got so freaking scared 1!! at first we thought that they where things falling from trees onto you I was like "NOOOOO ROBERT!!!"

Jumping out of our skins!!

My kids and I did the same thing...we had a good laugh at ourselves!


My stomach was the only thing that jumped here. Mr. Krampf, do you like scaring us? :)


As a member for 2 years,why am i denied access to the old science videos i already paid for?

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nice can you put some more

nice can you put some more stuff in to it.


It is cool can you put some more stuff in to it.

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