Tuesday July 29 2014
Fast and Slow Change
From earthquakes that last seconds to continental drift that takes millions of years, the Earth changes in many ways.

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Millions of years?

How can you state it as fact that it was 'millions' of years for some of these changes to take place?

There is a tremendous amount

There is a tremendous amount of scientific evidence, especially in the science of tectonics. We can measure the speed and direction that the crustal plates are moving today, and see the evidence of their past movements.


How did Pangea get separated?

The crust of the Earth is

The crust of the Earth is broken into large plates. These plates are still moving today. For example, the United States is moving west at about the same rate that your fingernails grow. As these plates move, they sometimes bring continents together, and sometimes move them apart.

fast and slow change

This is such a great short video to reenforce what my son is learning about volcanoes, plate tectonics and earthquakes. We love these videos.

fast and slow change

Is flood is slow or fast?



i alredy knew prety much all

i alredy knew prety much all of that but its still intreresting

Fast and slow

that was sooo cool thanks

fast and slow change

Thank you for showing me and other students how changes work.


hi i dont know you but you are awsome and a good scientist thank you and have a great day

fast and slow change

It was cool. The earth was a big piece of land and it's now just alot of pieces of land. My teacher taught us about the San Andreas fault.

change video

It was entertaining.

fast and slow change video

I liked this video because it was very interesting.

fast and slow change

I liked the video because I usually don't pay attention, but it caught my attention.

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